May 11, 2019
The Embassy Church, Oshawa

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As a woman is she.

Proverbs 23:7 (paraphrase)

Mind of God

We all have a story. Sometimes they involve hurt and pain. But thank God our story isn’t just our history.

You are a brand new creation with a new story, His story, made in the likeness of God with mind of Christ.

See a gap?

But do you ever feel like your life experience doesn’t line up with what God says?

You’ve tried your best to live the Christian life and you still see a gap?

Did you decide to settle for less?  

Story in your head

Did you know that you’re the author of another story that’s written in your mind?

The thoughts you think about yourself, God and what’s possible in life become your choices and habits. They create the story you live.

Over time the story becomes second nature…”just the way it is”.

But, what if parts of the story are not true?

You get to choose.

If the thoughts you think don’t agree with what God says then they don’t belong in your head. He gave you the ability to think and choose well.

You get to choose how the story goes.

But, let’s be real…this is easy to say and hard to do. That’s why we are having SheSpeaks 2019! 

What story are you writing? What story do you want to live? It’s YOUR choice.

what to expect


6 speakers will inspire you with their personal transformation journey that started with the story in their heads but impacted every area of their lives!

Practical Tools

You will receive practical principles from leading women who are excelling in their area of influence whether business, ministry, social sector, as a mom, or author.

Yummy Lunch

This year is daytime event so we’ve included morning coffee, tea and snacks and a delicious catered lunch. P.S. wheat free options will be provided. 


Connect & Reflect

We’ve designed the event this year with more time to connect with friends and to dig deeper, reflect and soak it all up. 


Take time to shop at our marketplace where we will host top notch vendors!


We have various forms of creative expression for you to participate in and enjoy. Including a special guest Brooke Nicholls!

our speakers

Tara Lalonde PhD​

Registered Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker

Tara has a passion to see people free to live and enjoy how God truly created them.  Through her education, years of counselling others, and her own journey with God, she has come to understand God’s heart for us and His desire to see us flourish rather than stumble through life.  However, it has also become abundantly clear that the only way to fully experience this thriving is through accepting the challenges of life, releasing control to God, and seeking God’s perspective instead of our own.

Her deep compassion and heart for people help her to connect with her clients, readers, and audiences to provide them with hope and grace. She combines this with her wisdom and her unwavering commitment to walk with people to a place of healing.  Most of all, she strives to live what she teaches and this can be seen in her authenticity and lack of pretense in all that she does.

Noel Coppins​

Business Owner, Philanthropist

Noel Coppins was born and raised in Oshawa. Her career in real estate spans the last 3 decades, but her passion has been in giving back to her beloved community.  In 2009, Noel and her husband Dave opened RE/MAX Jazz Inc., and over the past 9 years the company has ranked #1 in the Durham Region, #18 in the GTA, and has been awarded nationally and internationally by RE/MAX . In 2016 RE/MAX Jazz was the recipient of the Business Excellence Award for the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce.

Noel founded WEEMAX Children’s Charities in 2014, a philanthropic umbrella that supports the health and well being of our community’s children. To date she is most proud of  the $150,000 in life saving equipment that WEEMAX donated to the neonatal ward of Lakeridge Health Oshawa and the current $125,000 pledge WEEMAX has made to the pediatric wing at Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre. 

Aisha Francis​

Social Justice Advocate

Aisha is a leader commended for her world-class mentorship and community-based vision. She is a business woman turned social justice advocate as the founder and Executive Director of Project: Restore FIBI (Families Impacted By Incarceration). Aisha endeavours to raise awareness, of how families are impacted by incarceration and can be holistically restored and strengthened through community engagement, public policy and scholarship.

Aisha is also the first Canadian Director of the History Makers Society which empowers community based initiatives, authored her first book; Sowing Seeds of Change: Developing Leaders and Their Visions for the Business of Transforming Nations and enjoys a simple life of love and family with her husband, their six children and one grandchild.

Melanie Stevenson

Business Owner of Precision Cycle Works, SheSpeaks Team

My husband and I own Precision Cycle Works and also support our son Ethan who is a Motor Cross Dirt Bike Racer and our daughter Morgan who is in University. Through my life and struggles I have gained wisdom, learned the true meaning of love and found strength in my weakness. My desire is that in sharing my story with women that they too would find their truth, love and strength to live their best life.

Shireen Spencer

Pastor, Speaker, Business Owner, Author, Shespeaks Team

Shireen Spencer is a child of God who wears many hats! Life is busy but fun and fulfilling! She is a wife, proud mother, pastor and worship leader, Family Life Ministry Associate, motivational speaker and Life Celebration specialist. She is also a primary school teacher and Mary Kay business owner. She has just completed writing her first book and is working on her next one. She desires every area if her life to point others to the love and greatness of God.

Nicole Richards

Business Owner, Makeup Artist, Founder of Mind His Business

I believe that every woman has unique beauty that should be celebrated...That includes YOU! No woman needs an entire transformation to be beautiful. I help steer women towards enjoying their individual beauty. Being centered on who you are and using makeup as an accessory to tie a look together or make a statement. I find joy in emphasizing your God given beauty. I am a nationally published makeup artist with 20 years experience, and the course developer for Durham Colleges, 1st makeup program, Corrective Makeup & Techniques. I have something new coming soon! Come to SheSpeaks to hear more.

special guest

2019 GMA Female Vocalist of the Year - Brooke Nicholls


what people say

I had a wonderful time at Shespeaks last night! Out of all the wonderful amazing stories, Aimee's went deep for me. Since I lost my brother and in the midst of grief, I've been on a journey with God to find myself. I realized that when I gave my heart to the Lord, I let a piece of myself die, a piece of myself that I assumed was bad because of my addictions or past choices. I've realized that God himself created me to be exactly how I was and he absolutely loves the real me, the addictions just made it come out a bit louder! I can say that as I've stepped back from a lot of things to allow myself to grieve and heal, I've come out of hiding and I'm learning to embrace things that I thought were shameful. It took the most heartbreaking moment in my life to embrace who I am. And as much as I want to lay down and give up some days, I know God’s doing something beautiful inside my heart
Sarah Corby-Edwards
The speakers were enthusiastic and extremely encouraging for women in different areas of life. I will be bringing my whole church women's group and a number of young adult women next year. You'll need a bigger venue! After the event, I'm thinking that pursuing a PhD may not be impossible after all.

thanks to our sponsors

the team

We pray, plan and promote the event together!


Public Relations

I love nature, reading, painting and writing. My goal in life is that everyone I come into contact with would be left feeling loved and appreciated. I will be communicating with you on social media sharing helpful tid bits and resources. My desire is that in sharing my story women would find their truth, love and strength to live their best life.


Guest Experience

I love, love love to cook and bake. When I am not busy in the kitchen, I love reading and learning about new places, ideas and historical events. I will be leading and collaborating with our fabulous team to enhance your customer service experience at Shespeaks. We can’t wait to see you!!!

Leche Hope

Event Coordinator

I am so excited to serve as the Event Coordinator for SheSpeaks 2019. It is a blessing to do work that excites me, makes me proud, allows me to collaborate with women of God – uplifting and loving others. My goal is to hug as many of you as possible!


Volunteer Coordinator

I love music, people and travel. I just authored my first book! I am leading our team of volunteers so that you will have an all around amazing experience, find where you are going and what you need throughout this event. I’m excited to meet you at SheSpeaks 2019!

Aimee Chada


I love nature, coffee (almost too much) and running. I just did my first half-marathon in 2018! I think it was the coffee that kept me going! In 2015 I Founded SheSpeaks then in 2017,  “You Have a Story”, online courses and resources helping women discover their “new creation” story! Watch more of my story here

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See you at SheSpeaks

May 11, 2019 at The Embassy Church, Oshawa

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