Every woman has a story that another woman needs to hear

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To see women transformed
as they are awakened to their true identity story
IN Christ!

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this fall

SheSpeaks Event 2019

Over the last 5 years, we have gathered to share and listen to women’s stories! Here is Melanie’s from this year’s event that was in May. (Some heads got in the way of the video at the beginning) ☺️ 


"SheSpeaks events are so life changing to realize that other people have the same problems you face and understand how you are feeling and the best part you gain wisdom and knowledge on how to overcome and learn how to walk from victory."
"I came to SheSpeaks 2019 in a rather fragile state. My daughter had died two months prior, and while I knew it was vital for me to continue to do things that brought me joy, it was difficult to join a group of women, none of whom I knew, for an empowering event. It was like the whole day had been planned just for me; the question that was already burning on my heart were being answered, "How do I find joy in the midst of immeasurable pain?" Each speaker, with their honesty, vulnerability and courage, spoke right into my heart."
"Just want to say that I was totally blessed by attending SheSpeaks 2019. Through the whole day I gained faith love and confidence in what my life is all about. Thank you she speaks 2019 I felt so blessed and a true child of God."


Our story.

I started Shespeaks in 2015 because I wanted to speak and encourage women.  No one knew me to invite me so, with the advice of my husband I started my own gig 😳. I never imagined that I could do something like that or that women would even show up…but they did and that story’s for another day!

The story that led me down that path started 15 years earlier. I was a single, christian woman in bible college…facing an unplanned pregnancy 😰. My boyfriend and I were doing everything to figure out how we could escape and hide from the overwhelming shame of it all.

When the Dean of the school found out, to our surprise he extended kindness and grace. He offered us the “opportunity” to come out of hiding and share our story. Despite our fears the grace of God seemed to encourage us to face and share the truth.

In retrospection it was an “opportunity” that impacted the rest of our lives in a unexpectedly beautiful way.

This moment of vulnerably demolished the prison of shame. We experienced an overflow of God’s grace and provision that hasn’t stopped since! We’ve been married 19 years, our son Jaden is 18 and our daughter Simmone is 16 and our dog Chewy is 12!

Fast forward to 2015, I started SheSpeaks to help women find freedom, courage and connection in sharing their story. The event has been a sold out success for 5 years.

I’ve had the privilege of being on 100 Huntley Street and the 700 Club sharing my story of it all. 

My #1 passion is seeing women’s lives transformed as they are awakened to their true identity in Christ! When women are transformed so is everyone around them

You have a story.

Learn how to share it.

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