Dear Daughter

Written by Dagmar Morgan

Dear Daughter,

Welcome home.

This is the place you have been looking for.

This is the beginning

This is sound of the ringing bell

the changing of the tide

This is your new set of sails,

the compass pointing you toward the shore.

This is an invitation handcrafted just for you,

where the salt and tears heal and restore.

Rest as the differences flow into unity,

Embrace the thunderous sound of testimony it echoes across the nation

Listen to the harmony of each wave of grace as it stills you

Dear one, I am still with you

Leave behind the busy, the noise, the world, and the to-do list

Leave behind the chains, the past, your undoing

and stand with me as I cover you in grace

Gather like Canyon clouds,

like the water of a stream that pours into an ocean of abundance

I have been calling your name since the dawn of time

I have drawn every line of you and called it love

Daughter, You are a collection plate overflowing with mercy

You are a stained glass cathedral

You are the building blocks of something new

You are fertile ground

Rise like an acorn ready to become the oak

Rise like our hands in holy worship

As a murmur of birds on, they’re way to heaven

Rise like smoke signals as evidence of your burning for my sacrifice and me for you.

Soak in the avalanche of mercy from the BC Mountains,

Swim the flood of peace across the prairies,

Witness the breaking of barriers, the crossing of city limits,

Feel the outstretched hands of our sisters.

Run to the edge of the sands to the East.

Be fireworks that bring light to the darkness.

A sisterhood in my timeless love.

This is the place you have been looking for

Welcome home.

More About Dagmar

Dagmar Tricia Morgan is a performer, spoken word poet and arts educator. She is an internationally published writer and two-time slam poetry champion. Dagmar’s work tackles modern life and her journey as a woman of faith with fierce honesty and inspiration. She writes as if to save her life and shares her story just as fiercely. Dagmar’s writing stretches the vast distance between life and death, abuse and healing, and betrayal and redemption.
Dagmar has spoken and performed all across Canada and the U.S. using her personal stories, poetry and music to reach and connect with women of all ages. She aids in exposing the truth and facilitating healing through shared experiences and real talk.
Through this work, she is helping to bring up a new generation of empowered women and art successors. The testament to her passion and skill has been her demonstrated ability to coach/mentor young females into empowerment, self-discovery and expression and female poets to achieving champion status!