Insights for the Virgin Journaler

As kids we’ve all seen the  books you can buy in the stores with the tiny locks and little keys. You may have had one of these “top secret” books and made it known, “nobody should ever read this” and kept it tucked under your bed or in a safe place.

These little books held not just things from our heads, our daily living, our experiences, but things that we held dear in our hearts, that perhaps we felt we could not talk about.

I am an avid journal writer, and find that for me, keeping a journal helps me to release things I’m feeling that I might not be able to articulate in a conversation. My journal sort of allows for a mock run of what I need to say, and becomes a tool to work at communication in relationships.

Journaling can look different for everyone. Some people make it part of their daily routine, writing down their activities of the day, thoughts, feelings, experiences. While others may only write when significant things take place such as first boyfriend, first kiss, baby goes off to school, friend passes away etc.

Often I go back and read older journals to remember key moments in my life, to help me  see how I processed relationship conflicts, dealt with trauma, and even ways I celebrated key successful moments in my life. I often will take a journal from many years earlier, read it, and think to myself, “wow, that was a really tough time….but I made it through”, and it gives me encouragement.

Other times I read stuff and think, “wow, that was a pretty foolish way to do things…I’m glad I’ve learned from it”. Journaling is one of those things that does not take grammatical skill, and is not going to be “critiqued” by anyone, it’s your personal thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams, experiences that you carry dear and close to your heart. If you have not spent time keeping a journal I encourage you to try it, even for a week and see how you like it.

3 Ways Journaling Can Benefit You

There are many ways to journal. Start by just writing whatever comes to you, no matter how real, or raw. Journaling has many benefits, here are just a few.

1) Helps clarify your thoughts – we have so much going through our minds, and there may not always be opportunity to talk through these things. Writing these things down, can often help bring clarity to situations in your life.

2) Helps relieve stress – often in any given day we experience many emotions. Writing about these feelings allows us to get them out, instead of burying them inside.

3) Helps you see your progress over time – It can be neat to go back over your journals and see the growth that has taken place in your own life, relationships etc.

Happy Journaling!

Shandy Weaton

Shandy Weaton