She Was A Diamond In The Rough

My name is

Sherri Sanjurjo

Sherri SanjurjoIwas raised in the South Bronx with both parents addicted to drugs and alcohol, an older brother that used me as a punching bag and a younger brother that needed me as his mother. We moved from one jungle to the other. We left the concrete jungle and moved to Toronto to a place called Jungle. It was nicknamed that because of all the trees in this neighbourhood, or so I was told. I went from one hood to the other, believing that abuse and everything that an abusive lifestyle can bring to a family was normal.

I didn’t know what having self-respect or self-worth was because I honestly didn’t know I was of worth to anyone. This led me to all kind of promiscuous and destructive behaviour as a teen. I had no concept or understanding that I actually could be important or that I could have something important to say that would impact someone else’s life in a positive way.

Until I did this crazy thing…DREAM. It was because of a few angels God sent to me. One was in the form of my elementary Principal, Mrs. Burgess at CES 236. She ignited the writer in me and today I am an author. My first book The Metamorphosis will be released by the end of January 2016. She taught me that I could use my words to escape my world. I could create a brand new world and dream big. She taught me to have VISION.

The other angel came in the form of a young girl just like me during high school. She was throwing her life away and living a very reckless life and developing a horrible reputation. I remember hearing a person from the football team speak of her in a very scandalous way. I immediately felt sad for her and tried to help but she couldn’t receive it, she said “I’m not worth it.” This pushed me to start thinking of ways to REACH OUT to girls like her (like me) that truly DIDN’T KNOW THEIR WORTH, so I got into motivational speaking. She taught me that I must GIVE BACK and pour into the lives of someone else like me. It started at youth groups and local churches and just grew from there.

I gave my heart to God at 17 and have fallen many times but He has always been there to pick me up. Today I can say, after divorce, three beautiful children and a pile of life lessons behind me that what I was looking for all my life I found the day I chose to accept the UNFAILING LOVE OF GOD! It literally changed me. I look at myself in the mirror and don’t recognize who that person was back then.

I share my story of being able to overcome the overwhelming odds that were stacked up against me to at-risk youth, especially young girls andwomen, in hopes of igniting a fire within them that will empower them to shine as bright as they can. I’m running my own small company. I have developed a self-esteem program called “Dymond Girls” ( and just finished my first book ‘The Metamorphosis” (my childhood story).

My heart for girls and women everywhere is that we Love ourselves First, Fierce and For Real and allow who we truly are to be shared with the world in whatever capacity necessary. That we celebrate authenticity and truly embrace the GIFT of us so when the time comes to make life decisions we do it KNOWING our value and worth.