Helping you write and share your story.

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What's your story?

Have you faced a life altering event or other experiences –  good or bad, that you know changed you? Have you made sense of the past and found meaning in it for yourself? This is what the workshop is all about.

Finding meaning in the pivotal moments of your life because what changed you will change others too. Join us at the workshop to discover that together!

You Have a Story Workshop

You Have A Story To Tell

Learn to Write & Communicate YOUR Story.

Down through the ages, sharing stories has been our primary way to pass down our family history, connect with others and make sense of the world around us. Clarifying our own story helps us discover a new level of personal freedom, deeper more meaningful connections with others while bringing hope and encouragement to their journey.  

Why the workshop focuses on YOUR story?

    • Becoming vulnerable creates a deeper level of personal freedom and understanding of your unique design.
    • Clarifying our life journey gives you a fresh perspective on your relationship with God.
    • Story is one of the best ways to connect and influence others.

What you can expect:

    • Be guided through a “3 Step Process” to write and communicate your story.
    • Learn to share your story one on one or in front of the group using a simple story sharing framework. (It’s optional but there will be an emphasis on this aspect of the workshop, less on the writing)
    • Design an action plan for your next steps! Do you want to be a writer, speaker, use your story in your business or another way? We will help you take those next steps.

Aimee is the Founder of SheSpeaks and You Have a story.

The Real You Vision Board

Take Aim at the Life YOU'VE Always Wanted.

Unveil the real you by going on an inward journey of self-discovery. You will be using tools to guide you to your sweet spot. You will connect with your Creator. Capture and celebrate your true essence on a vision board.


Who is this for?

    • Do you know your life purpose or do you feel disconnected from it?
    • Do you live in your genius zone?
    • Do you feel that there’s more to you?

What you can expect:

    • A deeper understanding of self.
    • Discover more of God’s design for your life.
    • Be empowered and equipped to reach your full potential.
    • Leave with your beautifully designed vision board that expresses the unique YOU that God created.

Rene Whiteman is a certified John Maxwell coach and trainer. Her company is Prowess Growth & Leadership Strategies. 

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